Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Redistribution of Wealth

There's been a lot of right wingers attacking Obama's comments about redistributing wealth in this country. They are pulling the wool over your eyes. Wealth IS being redistributed now - from the working families of middle America to the rich and super rich. Not only is the tax burden unduly favorable to the super rich but the growing disparity in fair taxation can be correlated with the growing debt.

Let's get this straight. Middle class Americans pay a higher percent of their income in taxes than the rich and super rich.

Wealth from the Middle Class is unfairly being redistributed to the rich.

Even Warren Buffet complained about the tax disparity when he announced that he pays only 17.7% tax on his $46M income while his receptionist pays about 30% tax on their income.

Yes, we need redistribution of this unfair tax system. Obama is 100% right to rebalance the tax burden to lift the middle class up from this oppressive taxation.

His plan will let those who make their money keep more of their money.

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