Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ifwill should not moderate

Can I tell you a secret?

I'm going to vote for Barack Obama this November.

These days I am about as partisan as one can become because I am upset with the direction of this country. But, I will call foul on Democrats when I see it. And I think Gwen Ifill moderating the vice presidential debate tomorrow evening is a mistake. She is obviously solidly in the Obama camp and even if she can maintain a fair and balanced moderator position, it does not look good. I agree with Michelle Malkin that a moderator should be nonpartisan. Gwen is anything but.

I would rather see someone on the right lobbing softballs to Palin than have someone who is obviously left putting into question the credibitily of a fair debate.


trent said...

I'd be interested to hear what makes Ifill so staunchly democrat. I'm a little bit suspect that the Republicans wait until two days before the debate to launch these charges. How long ago was she picked as moderator? Her book has been on presale on Amazon for months - it's not a secret. It also includes a chapter about Colin Powell.

The Republicans are right to fear what might happen in this debate. I wonder if they aren't trying to muddy the waters. If Palin doesn't do well (what are the odds of that!?), they want every excuse they can find.

ND Citizen said...

Well, I certainly blame the McCain campaign for not doing their homework before agreeing to Ifill regarding her book. You're right, it has been public knowledge for months.

After watching her cover the conventions it was obvious to me where her political leanings lay.

My point is, regardless of whether she could be completely non-partisan in moderating this debate, that she has shown arguably some bias in the convention coverage sheds a shadow onto her moderating this debate. Why have this situation which will be open for criticism and attack by the right wing?