Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin's flag is bigger than Biden's

Actually, Palin's pin is the size of Texas!

Just a quick note with some thoughts . .

I think both candidates did exceeding well. Both performed above expectations. Palin certainly showed she had done her homework and could talk on point with no gaffes whatsoever.

I think Biden showed he was eminently more qualified to step into a presidential position if necessary.

I was confused when Palin started talking about taxes when questioned about something completely different early in the debate. It seemed awkward to all of a sudden to start that topic when it wasn't the topic she was supposed to answer but that is the nature of debates - to turn the discussion to things you want to talk about. She did that ok and it wasn't bad.

It was DEFINITELY a much more exciting and lively debate than the first presidential debate.

If one is to follow CNN's Ohio men and women real time response tracking, Biden had an advantage of positives over Palin.

I think the polls will end up being more favorable to Biden.

I think Palin did an admirable job - especially compared to most people's expectations.

I think Palin did not do quite as well as Biden.

I think the VP debate will not really affect the polls or election outcome significantly in any direction because neither candidate screwed up.

And she did say "talibani". I laughed when she said it. I don't think it was a killer to her though.

I think her comments about Biden's dead wife getting her 'rewards in heaven' were not really appropriate. I wonder how that will resonate later.

It was fun and lively. I hope the future presidential debates have as much vigor.

Oh, Sarah looked hot and Biden showed some wrinkles. :)

I like the roundup on Huffington Post.


Erin said...

I believe she was saying nu·cul·ur just like our current failure of a president. Hmmmmm...

I also see she figured out where the Gaza Strip is located and what Hamas is since last week.

I'm seriously going to freak if I keep hearing the word "maverick" from all those morons. Palin especially is no maverick. She's just a chick that can memorize talking points.

ND Citizen said...

Uh, yeah. Nuculur it was. She didn't have a teleprompter this time to spell out 'new clear'.

I saw this over at dailykos today:

"Dear Palin/McCain: If you have to continually remind everyone you're a maverick ... you ain't one."