Friday, August 24, 2007

Not all xtians are scientifically ignorant

There is hope. According to a recent poll, many xtians believe the earth could be billions of years old. There are still a lot of nutjob biblical literalists who think only in terms of a few thousand years really. Only 30% of xtians believe the earth is billions of years old. Maybe that's a frighteningly large number to the fundies, but I find it frighteningly small.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Democrats are letting us down

A friend just sent me an email with a question from Jim Babka of A very important question that we all need to consider.

Why did a Democrat controlled Congress pass a bad bill that President Bush wanted, when the Republican controlled Congress couldn't muster the votes for it the year before?

Of course I'm talking about the FISA bill - Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. You know, the one that allows our government to monitor at will any phone call we make outside of the homeland? The bill that legalizes all of the illegal acts this administration has perpetrated on us over the last six years. That bill.

In the House, 41 Democratic representatives voted to approve and legalize illegal wiretapping on us. This includes my own representative, Earl Pomeroy. Earl, you should be ashamed of this vote.

In the Senate the picture was no better - 16 Democrats voted to weaken our constitution. Senator Conrad from North Dakota was among them. Dorgan weaseled out by not being present to vote. I'd like to know where he stood on the issue.

Someone remind me why we voted in all these spineless politicians last November?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Christians are just too busy for god

Results of a five year worldwide study are in and it says that the majority of christians have no time for god. This study, conducted by the Charleston Southern University School of Business, sampled some 20,000 christians from 139 countries and found that a significant number of folks were too busy to develop their relationship with god. North American christians topped the chart with 62% reporting they were too busy for god. Interestingly, when the results were categorized by profession, the results were surprising. 65% of pastors said they were too busy to develop their relationship with god.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

They've found the cure for autism

Because we all know that autism is not really a disease but evil spirits lurking in our brains.
"(Uyesugi felt that) the boy could be prayed over and the demons could be cast out of him," Detective Brad Swain told 6News' Ben Morriston."
. . .
Swain said Uyesugi "forced the boy down, punched him in the face several times, put his fingers in the boy's throat, causing him to vomit."

"When the family objected, Uyesugi told them that the vomit was demons being cast out," Swain said
Fortunately this guy was arrested and charged with battery. Frankly, he belongs in an institution.

You wonder where they get these crazy ideas? Oh, I see - this guy was an usher for the Cherry Hill Christian Center in Bloomington, IN. Apparently you can go to school to learn all kinds of things there, like new, never before heard, languages.
"The purpose of the School of the Holy Spirit is to feed and develop the spirit man, to release the rivers of prayer language and prophesying, and to move into the revelation and power gifts (word of knowledge, word of wisdom, discerning of spirits, gift of faith, gifts of healing, and working of miracles)."
This church looks like a scary place. If I were in Bloomington, I'd be watchful of my neighbors who go there.

Even Hindus are NUTS

I wonder if there are any religions that are not completely bonkers.

Man cuts off hand for Hindu goddess offering

A man from Nepal cut off his right hand for the Hindu goddess of power. Loopy if you ask me.