Thursday, August 02, 2007

Christians are just too busy for god

Results of a five year worldwide study are in and it says that the majority of christians have no time for god. This study, conducted by the Charleston Southern University School of Business, sampled some 20,000 christians from 139 countries and found that a significant number of folks were too busy to develop their relationship with god. North American christians topped the chart with 62% reporting they were too busy for god. Interestingly, when the results were categorized by profession, the results were surprising. 65% of pastors said they were too busy to develop their relationship with god.


Anonymous said...

It is better to feel that you want to and need to get closer to God and feel like you are not doing it enough, then to not do it at all like you. At least we try and sometimes we succeed and we are the richer for it. Sadly you will never know or feel this joy.

Greg said...

I don't need false joy. I prefer the real joys I have in my life. Thanks, though.