Wednesday, August 01, 2007

They've found the cure for autism

Because we all know that autism is not really a disease but evil spirits lurking in our brains.
"(Uyesugi felt that) the boy could be prayed over and the demons could be cast out of him," Detective Brad Swain told 6News' Ben Morriston."
. . .
Swain said Uyesugi "forced the boy down, punched him in the face several times, put his fingers in the boy's throat, causing him to vomit."

"When the family objected, Uyesugi told them that the vomit was demons being cast out," Swain said
Fortunately this guy was arrested and charged with battery. Frankly, he belongs in an institution.

You wonder where they get these crazy ideas? Oh, I see - this guy was an usher for the Cherry Hill Christian Center in Bloomington, IN. Apparently you can go to school to learn all kinds of things there, like new, never before heard, languages.
"The purpose of the School of the Holy Spirit is to feed and develop the spirit man, to release the rivers of prayer language and prophesying, and to move into the revelation and power gifts (word of knowledge, word of wisdom, discerning of spirits, gift of faith, gifts of healing, and working of miracles)."
This church looks like a scary place. If I were in Bloomington, I'd be watchful of my neighbors who go there.


Anonymous said...

Greg, once again you show your ignorance. Their are wolves among the sheep in places and walks of this life. Do not condem a Church that is doing God's work because some of them are not truly God's children. But what better place for them to be. Maybe the true seed will be planted and they will themselves be saved. There is hope for everyone even you before it is to late.

Greg said...

God's work is to make people so afraid of fictitious demons that they beat and kill children? I suppose that's not so crazy. If you read and follow your bible, I'm sure you have stoned your children to death when they talk back to you.

Jessica H said...

Interesting post.
Dont forget:
Working with Autism, located in Los Angeles, has helped hundreds of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to achieve their maximum potential for independence.