Friday, August 24, 2007

Not all xtians are scientifically ignorant

There is hope. According to a recent poll, many xtians believe the earth could be billions of years old. There are still a lot of nutjob biblical literalists who think only in terms of a few thousand years really. Only 30% of xtians believe the earth is billions of years old. Maybe that's a frighteningly large number to the fundies, but I find it frighteningly small.


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Anonymous said...

If you take the time to check, the more scientists try to prove the Bible wrong the more they end up seeing that it is right. Yeah for the scientists.

Greg said...

Where can I check this? Do you have a reference to a scientific study that shows trying to prove the bible wrong leads one to the light? Or is all the data just in your head as wishful thinking?

By the way, a scientist can never prove something wrong. If you ever took the time to learn about the scientific method you would never make such a ridiculous statement.