Monday, August 06, 2007

Democrats are letting us down

A friend just sent me an email with a question from Jim Babka of A very important question that we all need to consider.

Why did a Democrat controlled Congress pass a bad bill that President Bush wanted, when the Republican controlled Congress couldn't muster the votes for it the year before?

Of course I'm talking about the FISA bill - Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. You know, the one that allows our government to monitor at will any phone call we make outside of the homeland? The bill that legalizes all of the illegal acts this administration has perpetrated on us over the last six years. That bill.

In the House, 41 Democratic representatives voted to approve and legalize illegal wiretapping on us. This includes my own representative, Earl Pomeroy. Earl, you should be ashamed of this vote.

In the Senate the picture was no better - 16 Democrats voted to weaken our constitution. Senator Conrad from North Dakota was among them. Dorgan weaseled out by not being present to vote. I'd like to know where he stood on the issue.

Someone remind me why we voted in all these spineless politicians last November?


Graeme said...

very true. Talk about a slippery slope

Brent said...

Because our "representatives" usually lookout for their own political career instead of the people that they are "representing".

Anonymous said...

Hey, Greg if you have nothing to hide why worry. And if this means it will keep America safe from people who want to destroy her and her people's then more wiretapping. I am coming to the realization that you are not an American.?

Greg said...

This bill will not make America safer it will only antagonize its law abiding citizens. I am coming to the realization that you just like to make anyone who does not believe in your god feel unwelcome in their own country.