Tuesday, October 07, 2008

McCain Campaign inciting violence against Obama

And they stand there saying nothing.

First, McCain gets the crowd riled up to shout that Obama is a terrorist.

Then, Gov. Palin basically calls Obama a terrorist for serving on a board together with Bill Ayers. This encouraged the audience to call for the death of Obama flat out. People shouting "Kill Him".

Read it for yourself.

You've got to ask yourself, WTF? Has the GOP turned into the KKK? This is a racist lynching if I ever saw one.

So much for straight talk and ethics.

I would think the majority of the American people are tired of the guilt by associate McCarthyistic tactics and will not respond to this garbage. Certainly the polls keep climbing in Obama's favor.

Of course, there are some parts of America where the McShame/Failin racist message resonates. Deep in the heart of Kentucky.

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