Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama edges ahead in NORTH DAKOTA

In a new poll commissioned by the Fargo Forum, Obama is leading McCain by 2 points. (MOE ±4) This puts them in a statistical dead heat today. Quite a change from the last polling done in North Dakota a few weeks ago which had McCain leading by 10-13 points. Even though the Obama staffers left North Dakota a couple weeks ago, the momentum of the grass roots organizations here in the state have carried it forward. Good job everyone! This is good news.

What is even more interesting, if you look at some of the breakdowns of support by party affiliation it is striking. More strong republicans are supporting Obama than week or independent republicans. And all republicans have a significant fraction supporting Obama. He gets an edge, too, with the independents but there are still a lot of undecided going into the election. Overall it looks like the Obama sweep of the country may just include North Dakota. For more graphics from The Forum, click here (PDF).

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