Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When will the repugs stop being racist?

The latest comes from conservative columnist, Cal Thomas. In his recent column, Cal is telling us what McCain needs to do to show he has more substance than Obama in the upcoming debate on Friday. I was struck, however, by the racists comment Cal slipped in there.
"America very much likes the idea of a person of color becoming president if for no other reason than to serve as partial propitiation for our individual and collective sins against blacks. McCain’s job is to project a view that he, too, favors the idea of a black president, just not Obama."
What kind of bullshit is this? Only someone who is racist, and wants everyone else to be scared of a black man, would claim America is only voting for Obama because he is black.

It is also interesting that Cal thinks McCain has to let others know that he would favor a person for office just because he is black too. Yeah, just like McCain is all about women VP's, right? Obviously since Gov. Palin has a womb she's just as good as Hillary. And people only supported Hillary because of America's need for partial propitiation for our individual and collective sins against women.

Let me officially nominate Cal Thomas the fucking racist geriatric white repug of the day.

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