Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Angry Left?

Last evening at the GOP convention, President Bush equated Democrats with North Vietnamese communists. He claimed the Vietnamese could not break McCain and neither will the "Angry Left." Great talk to stimulate your conservative base, but it is so wrong on several fronts.

First of all, we are not trying to "break McCain". We're just saying that his approach, his policies, and his reckless rush to judgement on important decisions is wrong for the country.

Second, I would not say we are the "angry left" I would say we are the frustrated left. Actually, most of us are not left at all, we're in the middle.

We are frustrated that "The Uniter" has so divided this country with his indifference to anyone who has a different opinion.

Remember W's seeking to unite the country during the 2004 campaign? Using words like "I want to reach out to all who share my beliefs."

Now he divides even more by calling us names. The McCain campaign does not need more polarizing language. What ever happened to working together to solve problems? McCain, who, admitedly was a maverick who championed bipartisanship, is now pandering to the separatist right in order to get elected. More division, more name calling, and more of the same.

Barack Obama called for coming together on the things we can agree on and using that as a platform to solve problems.

"surely we can agree on reducint the number of unwanted pregnancies . . "
"surely we can agree that our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters deserve to visit the person they love in the hospital . . "

Common purpose - - - that is what we must strive for. Not division and separation.

Barack may not have the experience of John McCain but he has shown over and over again he can inspire us to work together for our common purpose. That is what we need in a leader. It is not the President that does the work. It is WE who have to do the work. This country desperately needs a leader that will catalyze WE to come together for our common purpose.

No Mr. President. No, Mr. McCain. We are not angry. We are frustrated that we are not being included in the national conversation. WE all have much to contribute to solving the problems we face. WE need to bring everyone to the table.

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