Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Gov. Palin Hits a Grand Slam

Yes, I'll say it - Sarah Palin gave the speech of a lifetime. She nailed it right on the head. Well delivered, passionate and hard hitting. Not that I agree with all she says but I can recognize her oratory skills are superb and I believe she was honest and genuine. I predicted she would be a formidable opponent earlier and this speech tonight showed me I was right. I thought she did a good job explaining her experience. I think she went out on a limb comparing it to Obama's "lack of experience." Again, belittling his work in the senate and community service is not genuine. She showed she can deliver, that's for sure. Too bad she is on the wrong side of so many issues.

That being said I found the overall theme of tonight's talks to be very divisive, not inclusive. All the speakers kept painting the Democrats as zeros. Even shouting out ZERO ZERO when talking about Obama. Belittling community service and claiming work in the senate as ZERO experience is not the right tack to take. Funny, Isn't John McCain a senator? Good thing they have Palin on the ticket if senators have ZERO experience. Such a stark contrast to the Democratic convention where there was plenty of praise for their opponents accomplishments and criticism only of their policies.

Giuliani made a statement akin to . . 

How dare they question whether Sarah Palin has time to spend with her special needs child.

This comment was completely off the mark. The Obama campaign has NEVER criticized Palin on a single family issue - NEVER. Barack took the high road here. Rudy, how dare you criticize the Obama campaign with false accusations?

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