Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Rudy Giuliani and the Repugs Hate the poor

Ok, I my get hot under the collar now and then when I hear crap from people, but tonight, listening to Rudy speak at the GOP convention convinces me that REPUBLICANS ARE FUCKING EVIL.

I cannot believe what I am hearing. Rudy is making fun of Barack's service to his community organizing to help people struggling on the south side of Chicago. The excel center erupts in laughter and they start booing Obama. How in the world can you ridicule and completely fucking discount the people of Chicago. Well, looking around the GOP convention, I guess I can understand. It's filled with old white folks. The south side of Chicago (and Barack) are black. Black folks don't seem to matter to these evil fucks. I think they would get up on their chairs and cheer for joy if Katrina had made it's way to Chicago too.


Perhaps my last post was made in haste. I'm now turning into and ANGRY DEMOCRAT!

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