Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The War that Wasn't

It's July and it's not just the summer sun that is getting hot. The War on Christmas™ is heating up also. Before anyone has even uttered a "Happy Holidays" (which is an expression of well wishes, not a slap in the face) the lunatic fringe is mobilizing their xtian soldiers to take on the great opposing army. The non-christians are swarming like plague-infested rats during the dark ages. If left alone to reproduce, they will soon take over! Oh wait, xtians still make up over 80% of the US population. Yes, I'm being satirical.

Two articles have caught my eye today regarding this so-called war. The first I gleaned from the Atheist Revolution blog about a petition in Berkely, Michigan for the city to display a nativity scene on public land. The second article comes from the xtian news source, One News Now. This reports on the attempts by the Seattle airport to ban religious displays. The local locos have their panties in a bind claiming this is some kind of "censorship" of religion.

I have just one question for the xtians out there. There's a christian church on nearly every street corner in America. If you put a nativity scene on every lawn, wouldn't you just about saturate every city in America with your religious symbolism? Why must you have it on the city square, or, for crying out loud, in an airport? Have you been in an airport lately? With all the delays people are just running from one end to the other to make their connecting flights. They don't have time to sit and wonder at the fantastical magic of a virgin birth. Please, just leave a little room for the rest of us. That's all we ask.


Anonymous said...

No matter how much you protest, or whine, the fact is Christmas, let me show you that again CHRISTmas is the celebration of the birth of God's one and olny Son, Jesus the Christ, Oh, CHRIST get it.? If anyone wants to display a manger or other CHRISTian object up at CHRISTMas they should be allowed to. Even State, City and Local buildings that are made up of mostly CHRSTians. That is their RIGHTS. So get a life. You can choose not to that is your right.

Greg said...

Wow, you are persistent. There's still a lot of old posts to read. Maybe some of my words will sink in. Nah, I doubt it.

I am not the one whining, you folks are making up fictitious wars.