Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Superiority Complex

Nearly every religion has it. If you ask a leader of any one of the world's religions, they will tell you their version of reality imagination is the only true one. Some are more vocal, and violent, than others. The latest 'holier than thou' proclamation comes from the Vatican. Yes, Pope Rat has decreed that non-catholics are not true followers of Jesus Christ™. Of course, this declaration is basically aimed at any christian denomination that does not bow to the pope. Silly me, and I always thought religion was about a personal relationship with one's deity. Perhaps we need to replace the 10 commandments monument that is in Fargo's city hall square with a graven image of Pope Rat.

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Anonymous said...

I am sad to say that you are right to a point on this one. Yes, the only one Christians are suppose to adore, worship, praise and honor is our God or deity as you put it. The Pope is way off on this one. He is a man, human and sinful just like the rest of us. We are not to worship, bow down or praise Him. He will understand this one day as all the other Popes do now, who have left this world.

Greg said...

Why are you sad that we agree on something? I am elated!