Friday, July 27, 2007

Anyone can go to heaven - if you believe as I do

A couple weeks ago I posted about the Pope's holier than thou attitude toward other xtians and how they don't truly follow christ. There was an interesting response to the Pope in the Fargo Forum letters section this morning. The Rev. Howard Fleury claims that god does not exclude anyone from eternal life, despite what the pope says. Now, that sounds all nice and inclusive until you really read his letter. Just as I expected from a delusional charlatan, the Rev. Fleury goes on to explain that you must believe as he does and be 'born again' to enter heaven. He even proudly claims that xtianity is an exclusive club and no one else can be saved. The rest of us will all end up in hell. Interestingly he claims that about 66% of the world's population will rest in hell. Does that mean that 33% of the Earth's 6 billion people are born again xtians? I think not! Certainly the "Born Agains" are a much smaller fraction of the xtian population. Not only is Rev. Fleury delusional, he thinks HIS club is the biggest in the world. Perhaps he should read more than just his bible.

(for a PDF of the Forum letter, click here)


Graeme said...

The forum's 'letter to the editor' section is much better than the sunday comic strip

Anonymous said...

Let's straighten this out. God does not want any of His children to go to hell. That is why He sent His one true Son, Jesus to be the sacrificial lamb for all people. Even you. But God also gave us free will, so it is you who will choose if you will spend eternity in Heaven or Hell. Christ paid your ticket but He will not make you board the plane.

Greg said...

This is a fun ride with you. Thanks. All I can say is . . . LOL !