Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Politcs: Your Turn

Ok Democrats, you better not f*** it up.


GraemeAnfinson said...

why do I think they will?

Anonymous said...

It is naive to think that either party cannot f*** up or that either offers a panacea for U.S. woes. Only brainwashed and non-thinking loyalists think that way in both parties. In fact, both parties f*** up fairly regularly and leave most of our country's problems avoided, festering and unsolved. The election was essentially a referendum on the Iraq war (aided by a politically correct media and false notions about Islam spewed by both parties) and if Democrats do not at least appear to be bettering that situation, they will be at great risk of losing the next presidential election. Two years is an eternity in politics, but I am quite sure the Republicans are already geared up to force fruition of that scenario as much as they can.

The best reasons that we should leave Iraq is that democracy is impossible under any predominantly Muslim country and we are not going to be able to solve the 800 year long strife between Shiites and Sunni, but leaving WILL embolden Muslim terrorists. In other words, leaving Iraq WILL create future attacks that WILL lead to American deaths and that is the best reason, not to mention securing oil, for avoiding what I think will amount to a "cut and run" Democratic approach over the next two years. Whatever their "intelligent" approach is, if it leads to awful consequences, the Republicans will be sweetly positioned to retain the White House and to regain the Senate and/or House.

The solution to our war with Islam is mass education of what that vile "religion" actually holds. The notion that an overwhelming number of Muslims do not support global jihadist terrorism and global conquest is so discredited that it is laughable and results from Islamic propaganda and U.S. politicians and media behaving as near fifth columnists. Putting off our unwanted war with Islam, a war which, contrary to liberal rubbish, we did not start, will only makes things worse and lead to untold future casualties.

Anonymous said...

Psst. That was mine.

Charles ;-)

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