Saturday, November 11, 2006

Fun: How do you say that?

This is a fun little quiz. It was spot on for me.

What is your American accent?


Anonymous said...

It claims that I definitely have a Boston accent, even if I do not think that I do.

Born in Florida, but having spent most of my early linguistic development in Southern N.H., this makes some sense, but the Boston accent is as harsh to my ears as that of the Bronx and I KNOW that I have little such diction or pronunciation. I think that my accent is as generic as a TV broadcaster, from having lived in so many places and having been told that too often, to the point that I am shocked, when I am told that I sound Midwestern, let alone Bostonian.

An interesting aside: Prior to mass media, various Swiss German dialects were so different that often speakers geographically very close could not understand each other. Whether homogeneity will lead to our survival or demise remains undetermined. While we aesthetically relish cultural difference and richness, realizing that those developed over a long period of time, were due to isolation and conquest, it remains uncertain that that is what, in the long run, promotes the welfare of the species and its continuation.

That was a lot of fun. I should go back and reverse all my answers and see what the result is.

Unable to live in a world without pronouncing Rs,

Lew Scannon said...

I know people who have thick inland north accents, and I don't sound nothin' like they do.
Stupid quiz!