Friday, October 27, 2006

Politics: Hillary Clinton is a political opportunist

As much as I admire Hillary's intellect and hard work in public office, she has fallen into the trap of political opportunism. She, and other Democrats (and Republicans, for that matter) need to stand up firmly for their principles, not cow to whatever the prevailing senitmental winds are. When will politicians stop worrying about getting elected, and start working toward making America and Americans better. Perhaps I am too idealistic. Yes, yes, I know politicians don't have the opportunity to make changes unless they get elected. Yes, yes, I know the election is important to worry about. But at what point does that balance with your principles? Hillary has flip flopped in the wind to get elected as much or more than most. The latest is her position on *gasp* Gay Marriage! In 2000 when she was running for congress, she was absolutely against it. Now, her position has "evolved". But not really.
"I believe in full equality of benefits, nothing left out," she said. "From my perspective there is a greater likelihood of us getting to that point in civil unions or domestic partnerships and that is my very considered assessment."
If she really believed in full equality, she would believe in marriage rights, not appease her conservative supporters. She's trying to make everyone happy and, in doing so, is sacrificing her principles.


Lew Scannon said...

Hillary doesn't do it for me, but, then, very few people from either major party are principled enough to take a firm stand on anything.

Anonymous said...

She is taking lessons from Bill about the importance of appearing as middle of the road as possible, but I do not think that the Republicans will let her pull off that ruse. Wtih all the funds that she has raised, I think that she has a good shot. My voting for her, should she become the nominee, will largely depend on her opposition. Sadly, neither party is acting to genuinely protect the U.S., my overriding concern.