Monday, October 02, 2006

Hypocrisy, Religion: Cover thy genitalia

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Art, to Sydney McGee, reflects civilizations past and present and is a thing of utlimate value. For years she has shared her love of art with her 5th grade class in Frisco, Texas. Now, after 28 years of teaching she has been suspended for daring to take her class *gasp* to the Dallas Museum of Art. Of course she should be exposed for the evil person she is! Taking children to such a den of iniquity where they might be exposed to *shudder* nude figurines from ancient mediterranean cultures. All kidding aside, this is a serious issue. Do should we really censor art and elevate it to something grossly sexual when it is not? I think the religious fundamentalists have had a hand in this one. Maybe there's more to this story, but claims of "performance issues" by the school board are not supported by Ms. McGee's record of excellent job evaluations over the last 28 years.

Read the NY Times article.

So . . I'll let you be the judge. Below is a picture of the nude piece in question at the Dallas museum. Next to it a piece of 'art' I found on the prayerful woman's web site. Which would you rather have your children see?


GraemeAnfinson said...

these people have some serious sexual problems. if you can't look at that first picture without feeling all funny inside, there is something wrong with you.

JT said...

Anyone who is a religious nut will say that the Jesus pic is the better choice for children to see. It shows all the suffering he did for us. This will make more religious nuts... GraemeAnfinson is right. Christians do seem to have recessed sexual problems.