Thursday, September 28, 2006

Politics, Bigotry: No Discussion in Wisconsin

Boy, our country has really degraded. In Wisconsin you get beat up just for trying to discuss an upcoming ballot measure.
It started with a group of diners talking about gay marriage and the same-sex marriage amendment that will be on Wisconsin's November election ballot.

A gay woman named "Jorryn" says the debate got heated when a customer from another part of the restaurant came over and joined the gay marriage discussion. "He said it's never going to happen, it's never going to never going to pass in Wisconsin, and it's against God."

That when the argument got physical.

Surveillance video shows the man, who had just joined the debate, pushed "Jorryn" down and then punched another customer.

The fight continued with the suspect yelling, throw chairs and punching people.
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Anonymous said...

I have been to that restaurant many times for breakfast, when I called Wauwatosa home, and I am happy to report that that does not happen very often in this land of beer, bratwurst and cheese. The metropolitan areas of Madison and Milwaukee tend to be much more liberal than outlying areas, so I suspect that the troublemaker is a rural dairy farmer coming to the Big City for his Playboy magazine fix, since he cannot buy one at home without his pastor or wife finding out. That is when God swooped down and presented the man with a self-defining moment, providing him with the moral clarity to shove a nice lesbian to the floor and punch another customer. It all now became so very clear to him. He was not in the Big City to indulge in a sinful Playboy, but to find his way back to God and to show others His Way, even if that means having one's hate and intolerance Divinely Inspired. He was so proud of himself driving home without that Playboy and was eager to tell his pastor and wife all about his victory over the Devil and his battle with evildoing gays and their sinister societal plans. Since he knew that he would never harm anyone or any chairs, for that matter, were he not in the Complete, Sweet and Warm Embrace of God's Will, he was completely filled with joy for having returned to the Lord's Righteous Path.

I am also happy to report that, unlike ND, we have had no recent book burnings.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I guess that I should claim credit for the above.

Charles ;-)