Friday, September 08, 2006

Fun: Keep your Gentlemen Stockings Fresh

I'll admit it - my socks are getting pretty darn ratty. So, this morning I pulled out a bag of new socks that my wife bought for me some time ago. Fruit of the Loom they are. What do you do with a bag of new socks? If you're like me, you rip open the bag and dump them into your sock drawer. Well, I was quite surprised to find this bag of socks had a great new feature - a zip-lock top! Yup! That's right. A resealable plastic sock bag. Imagine the possibilities! They'll stay fresh in the freezer for decades. You can take one pair out at a time and the rest will stay as fresh as the day you bought them. And, the best part - after you wear them, you can seal them back up to keep the stinky sweat in. I'll bet these were invented with the TSA in mind!

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Anonymous said...

This is by far the most edifying and earth-shaking of your posts. It truly inspired me to order new socks and to give ample thought to how I store them, be they stinky or not. Keep up the good work!