Friday, August 28, 2009

When do we start arresting the wingnuts?

Where the hell is the secret service and FBI? These lunatics need to be in jail.


Anonymous said...

The plain and simple truth is some folks, particularly in states like Idaho and Montana will NEVER accept a Black man, no matter how brilliant and competent as a "Legitamite president"
Fortunately for us in addition to the tireless work of the USSS, There are organizations like the southern Poverty Law center headed up by Mr. Morris Deeds who aggressively track, monitor and when appropiate drag into Federal Court those who would seek to polarize, divide, or otherwise having us doubt the innate dignity of all human beings, REGARDLESS of their individual station in life.
The plain truth is most folks, if simply given the oppurtunity as part of their heritage as an Ameican citizen are fair, operate with integrity, and genuinely want to do the right thing.
God Bless These United States now and Always.
Washington, dc 20019 said...

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