Monday, November 24, 2008

The Entrenchment of Ignorance

It seems Bush is bound and determined to make his disastrous policies last far beyond his time in office. He is entrenching many of his ignorant political appointees into permanent positions within the government. You can read about it in this story from the Washing ton Post. This is scary enough but it is most scary when done with positions that require a high level of education like working for scientific agencies. Like this wholly unqualified person:
In one recent example, Todd Harding -- a 30-year-old political appointee at the Energy Department -- applied for and won a post this month at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. There, he told colleagues in a Nov. 12 e-mail, he will work on "space-based science using satellites for geostationary and meteorological data." Harding earned a bachelor's degree in government from Kentucky's Centre College, where he also chaired the Kentucky Federation of College Republicans.
Really? Someone who's resume amounts to chairing a group of college republicans is qualified to work at NOAA? Give me a break, George!

The list goes on and on . .


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