Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pardon me for wondering

Ok, I have to ask. Did anyone else wonder why this story (Russian smuggled nuclear-bomb uranium) that appeared on tonight has been kept under wraps since last summer? I usually don't go in for conspiracy theories, but . . is it coincedence that this came out one day after GW's gloom and doom State of the Union address? I mean, the sting happened last summer! The perpetrator has already been arrested, charged and convicted! According to the article:

Details of the investigation, which also involved the FBI and Energy Department, were provided to The Associated Press by U.S. officials and Georgian Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili.

That means the US government released the information by choice today.

This is my speculation, but I think this was released today to bolster Bush's pro-war agenda after his speech. This is an important piece of news. If (when) "nucular" material does get into the hands of terrorists, we are all in trouble. Why wasn't this news reported last summer? Using information that is vital to all of our safety for political agendas is disgraceful.

Man, the last few years have really turned me into a pessimist.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Politics: Dare I say the "I" word?

Yes, I'm talking about IMPEACHMENT. Not a word I throw around lightly. One I thought I would never want to use. But I don't know what else to do with the ignorant arrogant self-appointed dictator that is George Bush. To say he, and he alone, knows what's best for America and the rest of us have no say in the matter just goes too far. Whether or not his troop surge is right or wrong is irrelevant in this discussion. What is relevant is his complete and utter disregard for Congress and the American people who have spoken loudly that he needs to do something else. Maybe his way is right, but he hasn't made the case yet and he can't sit on his throne and simply tell us it is. He and Dick are now saying it is their duty to stomp all over our rights. Yes, we 300,000,000 Americans are too stupid to understand how King George and Prince Dick will save the world. Well, it's time to dethrone them. This is the last straw.

Ok, that being said, I want to ask, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE DEMOCRATS? Where are their plans? We need them to lead, NOW. THIS IS THE TIME! DO IT. George will just keep doing this unless you Dems start doing something smart. Howard went around the country talking about "Tough but Smart". Well, it's January, we have wrestled congress from the clutches of the Republicans. It's time for the Tough and Smart. Please step up to the plate, and do it quick before we're all doomed.